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The Oklahoma Standard

What does the OKS mean

The Oklahoma Standard is a statewide initiative preserving and promoting a culture of caring citizens by encouraging Acts of Service, Honor, and Kindness. The Oklahoma Standard was born out of the overwhelming community response to the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995.

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A purpose-driven brand 

We believe in connecting learners directly with experts through interactive tutorials providing tools to enable students' learning opportunities when they want them.  

Finally, share what you are most passionate about without struggling with what to say. There's a great infographic below explaining how we built this platform right here on Medium which goes into depth as far back at the beginning as 2004 when I first created it

Introducing Online Courses

When you align purpose with passion, every interaction with your brand will leave people thinking; Yes! I want more of this in my life. We create content and resources that are ready to go for brands, so they can easily personalize it to their passion, purpose, and style and start connecting with more ideal clients right away. 

That's a powerful way (and an important part) to get yourself connected – if only we could find out why our hearts hurt after all these years…

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Meet Our Amazing Duo

Justin Jones
Chief Executive Officer

Justin graduated from Yale University and has lead this company since September of 2002.

Emily Woodward
VP Sales and Marketing

Emily graduated from Cornell University and has been in the industry for over 12 years.