Vote Well and Live. WeThePeople: tread safely into the unknown.

Eisenberger to The U.S Congress
First District of Oklahoma.©2018

Show people the light, they'll find their own path. The Oklahoma Standard goes to Washington to get your damn House back.

You need your House, Freedom's & Life back. Miss it Yet?

Truth. The First Duty

Keep doing the best you can, with the worst you got. It's OK too.


You cannot use political office, votes, money or a celebrity connection to save even one life. I cannot tangibly save anyones life. I can only try to live my own life as I would see it in yourselves. I see people for the best they are actually regardless of what they tell me.  There's always whats REALLY going on..and thats okay. 

Do what you do for you..I've done it all too. Still do. 

I want to listen more about how together we can use my membership in Congress to be pro improvement life for us all. 

Let's save tomorrow by how we improve Life today. I AM You. I AM Oklahoma.

Do the best you can with the worst you got. It's always going to be good enough with me. Why hasn't it been good enough for everyone else in state government?

 I will promise you The U.S Congress will do everything to promote and protect the laws that should have been better defined. It's a mistake that is costing us our lives now. 

Standing beside the Vietnam War Memorial Wall where my uncle, SGT Bucky Eisenberger is named.

American's "Gone, but not Forgotten"

I remember every person I have ever met, places I have ever been and I will not forget anyone. I never have.

Your lives matter to me. American LIves matter. Always. I see suffering and opportuinites for us all to take care fo our own issues, if only the laws that Congress must rewrite and better explain could be addressed by my unique skill set. 

My skill set is having to live and struggle thru every single day. You shouldn't have to. I will make it better thru the laws we together, will make for all time.

We The People, Tread Safely into the Unknown.

You never know what the law is. You can do everything right and still lose. It's not right. I will change the laws to fit your life, not the other way round.

The First US Congressman-Mi Casa~Su Casa

I give Honor when and where Honor is due. You get your Honor back if I can do it appropriately.

Frank and Cathy Keating, Will Rogers, Jim Thorpe, Ben Johnson, Diana Princess of Wales, 168 Federal Casualities, All these will receive from me in Congress recommendation for the Presidental Medal of Freedom. I can also nominate in the Congress for each of them to also recieve the U.S Congressional Gold Medals with Distinction. 

Sgt.Terrance Yeakey and Norman Schwartzkopf: All will receive nomination from me in Congress for the U.S Congressional Gold Medals of Honor.

Inhofe International Airport and Bridentstine Naval Support Base at the Port of Catoosa are also visions in my plan to bring Honor to our State's best assets, Our People.

The upcoming construction of : 

U.S.S Will Rogers, U.S.S Oklahoma and the U.S.S Alfred P. Murrah are naval vessels I want named and built right here in Oklahoma's First District. 

It would be in our best futures to also like implementing such a world-class state of the art V.A medical center built in Tulsa so that we can service TBI and PTSD advanced conditions. The U.S.S Tulsa must also have a special docking slip and facilities here so that they can always have a home to R&R at, and we can share with our children such a neat part of Oklahoma on the move.


We can do it. We must do it. I can fight and work with anyone to get it done. 

I am not political. I refuse to allow my seat in the Congress to become political. EVER.

My House. Your House. I got time to Vote for that! You could too. ✌

The Lord's work must surely be done with our own hands. Success in doing it for Right and not for wrong will be our sure reward. 

Make it so. Make Yourself at Home. Get to the House. Freedom Of is coming back home.

I am honored to have been the very first supporter of President Trump before the rest in pollitics.

I speak up and speak out for those I "support"


It isn't just a vague term. Not with me. I was the one voice the Channel 2 news asked to comment about those times when they knew Donald Trump was coming to Tulsa. I was delighted to stand up and speak up for someone who wasn't really an immeadiate choice around the various states. Oklahoma spoke up for Mr. Trump and so did I. 

That's the man I am. You don't get picked on very long until I come to shore you up side by side, if you aren't careful. Be careful what you tell me..I always stress as a fact. I do not tolerate people being wounded for their mistakes. Lord knows I have many made and many to make before I die. It's just how it goes. Maybe not for you. That's okay too. 

Channel 2 and the rest of Tulsa alway's  knew I was working hard behind the scenes to get our President elected.  If I find honor in your efforts, you get all of me. Everytime. 

I know BS when I hear it. I used to be full of it. Really. I grew up and decided this day whom I shall serve. My God and my Country. I have unfinished family business to bring home. 

I support the American People, their President, their Governor and their U.S Congressman, Me. I have the moral courage for this fight, for all of the fights it will take to get you some air and simple gifts. Air to come back down where YOU need to be. Man VS State. I vote for your winning that fight.

I got you. Always have.

You are nobody till somebody loves you..or hates you.

My friends, My family. I know people come and go in value, especially in politics. My best friend, my personal physician and my Governor, "Aunt Mary".

These are people who still and always will have enorumous meaning to me. My life has been enriched by Governor Mary Fallin.

It is Ritze has been a fond addition to my good physical heatth..even  when I decided it was wild final 20 something life as I began to disconnect from the photo opp angle and wanted to serve from the other side of the lens. When the camera shuts off, I still will stand with Mary, Mike and Matt...even though he is the manager fo my opponents campaign. Who cares? 

They are all far better men than I am. I know I am as good and as bad as they are, as you are. As We The People are. 

Let us chose the good inside us and tomorrow too. I will. So help me God. 

O' Baby, I got what you need. Just tell me.

Renewable Green Energy: Grow us OK

I can ensure the U.S Congress with the unique role that we serve to regulate all commerce between foreign nations and THE INDIAN TRIBES, I will talk to my colleagues in the Congress to Federally Protect people's rights to access, business build and medically intervene such Marijuana as they decide is best.

Soverign Tribe Nations must be given 200 year unbreakable authority over such a natural and cultural ingredient. I see a great danger in the State of Oklahoma using this to control the stipulations set as to who, why, where and when a citizen like you and me can have it.

It's a promise to reward the Tribes for the millions of dollars of their wasted money given to the state. I will do everything I can to cut off every single FEDERAL DOLLAR of funding to the state until a comprehensive panel of auditors can find out where at least the federal monies in this subterfuge can be found. 

LIke I said. I am a fighter. I get to the heart of the matter...QUICK.

Education. If it makes you no dollars, it makes you no sense.

A Member of Congress you can ride aisles with.

God is so Good..So should your Congressman be as well. Until he's not..Not what? Not driving for my 2nd DUI. 

I am not the careless, conservative swerving Political Party Animal I used to be. So I know when Oklahoma has had too much Party Politics they are to drunk on power & your money to drive home sober.

I am Oklahoma's Designated Driver & Survivor. Over the term limit,  Under Arrest just Test!  


God & Our Governor stay perfect I keep faith in that they do, uh..well...a man named KC does not.  Not Perfect. 

Not to say That's why he is perfect for this duty, although he is! I will not ever lie to you. I promise. #OK2HaveFunOK2HaveFunUnderLimits

Get R.I.D. of the Politics Party After Party.

Republican, Independent, Democrat. Party's over folks.

The U.S Flag restres  on the coffin at the end of an American's life or the party flags of political bloodsport?  Hmm...

Exactly. Those party's don't care about you, so why care about them so much? I sure in the Hell do not. I care about America, The  Flag and the National Anthem. I am busy serving and living the American Dream. Who has time to Party? I sure don't and neither do you..Correct?

You need me, you get a hold of me.

I will have offices in Bartlesville, Owasso and Tulsa downtown at Veterans Park. 24/7 Office staff will be on duty always. There are 3rd shift workers that need attention too. First Responders, Police, Highway Patrol, Teachers, Nurses, BailBondsmen (Oh how I know) and everyone else like me who prefers being productive all hours of the night. It's a nighttime kind of life out there. I like knowing I can not exclude anyone person by not being accessible at night..especially late, late night. I am just like most of you. Never a morning kind of guy, until I have to be.

Government Calls will be on the record!

it's frustrating to call a dozen different people at Social Security or the IRS and never get your details recorded or acknowledged. I will push for every call to be recorded and transcribed AND emailed to you before each call is ended. 

It's time to put the government offices that service your life at the behest of your money on the record. Let's get it all on the record. Maybe the other end of that line won't mean it's the end of the line for you and for me. I am going to get them in line for us. You deserve the respect of your word and your interest in the call they take to mean more than it does. 

I know that sounds trivial, until it happens to you.

" What's really going on? Who are you? I am sorry, sir, ma'am we don't have that in the notes and there's nothing we can do for you, unforunantely."

Yeah. I have been waiting to fix all that crap REAL quick. You get more minutes in your day back from Washington. It all adds up. Time matters. You matter. Business matters. What's the matter? LOL